Forget your regret, wondering, "What If?" Reignite your Dream to Sing by conquering stage fright, building your confidence, singing voice, and stage presence!
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About This Product:

Now that you’re at a certain age
You might be asking…”What IF?” 
What if I had pursued singing? 
What life would I be living now? 
Well..that’s water under the bridge. 
But what we DO know is...
You were a singer in high school, the talent was there then. And it’s still there now.
Talent is innate - it doesn’t go away. 
So do you want to live with regret? 
Or do you want to find out how far you can take your voice right now?
Once you find your voice, you open the door to the possibilities. 
Maybe it’s singing at your friends’ wedding, a family bar mitzvah, or just for fun.
You’ll never know unless you give it a GO.
And Giving it Go can be fun!
And who knows by opening the door to the possibilities, anything can happen.
It may open the door to a new profession or maybe it’s just the satisfaction that you can
sing anywhere, any time, any place, and know, “I got this!” 
My Story
I am a Juilliard Alumni who's been and still is making my living as a singer-entertainer and vocal coach for the past 45 years. 
I’ve sung in every possible venue including having my own shows in Vegas and Reno, in every combination of bands in every genre from Rock, Country, and Blues, to Show tunes. And yes, in the beginning, I had the naysayers, I overcame them because I loved it, and I knew I had a voice. 
Let’s get started on YOUR voice. If not now…when?
You'll learn how to move through stage fright and build your confidence, voice, and stage presence.
My program also includes
A private FB Group with opportunities for LIVE Zoom Room Q&A sessions with me.

Normally $123.45 - A TON of instruction without months of costly private coaching.
Order Now and take advantage of this same full program for only $99.99 thru Jan. 31st.!
Click here now and invest in yourself, your time, and your talents! 

Program Details

Bravo and Welcome!
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Mod. 1.1 Confidence from the Inside Out
Available Now
Mod. 1.2 Bless the Mess
Available Now
Mod. 1.2 Part 2 Bless the Mess ~ Forgive & Get Beyond the Mess
Available Now
Mod. 1.3 Connecting Confidence
Available Now
Mod. 1.4 It's My Party
Available Now
Mod. 1.5 Extra Care for Confidence
Available Now

Mod. 2.1 Vocal Placement In the Mask
Available Now
Mod. 2.2 Part 1 Breathing ~ Two Tanks of Air
Available Now
Mod. 2.2 ~ Part 2 Breathing ~ Two Tanks of Air
Available Now
Mod. 2.3 Support ~ The 3rd Leg of the Three Legged Stool
Available Now
Mod. 2.4 Relax Your Face & Stand Up Straight
Available Now
Mod. 2.5 Enunciation & Inflection
Available Now

Mod. 3.1 Finding Your Vocal Range
Available Now
Mod. 3.2 Female Range with Your 1st Exercise
Available Now
Mod. 3.2 Male Vocal Range With Your 1st Exercise
Available Now
Module 3.3 More Voice Exercises ~ Let's have some FUN!
Available Now
Mod. 3.4 Female Range Keyboard Recording for Practicing
Available Now
Mod. 3.4 Male Range Keyboard Recording for Practicing
Available Now

Mod. 4.1 Easier Ways to Deal with Lyrics
Available Now
Mod. 4.2 Singing with Tracks and Bands
Available Now
Mod. 4.3 Ways to Help You Stay In Rhythm
Available Now
Mod. 4.4 The Do's & Don'ts of Hands, Mics and Movement
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Mod. 5.1 Songs Sets & Segues
Available Now
Mod. 5.2 Sharing and Selling a Song
Available Now
Mod. 5.3 When CrAZee Stuff Happens "Yes AND" It
Available Now
Mod. 5.4 Standards ~ Your Level of Excellence
Available Now

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Shondra Jepperson

I'm Shondra - Master Coach & Founder of Unlock The Singing Superstar In You. I'm a Juilliard Alumni, award-winning singer songwriter, entertainer and master voice coach, with 45 years of experience making my living in the music business.
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Award-winning songwriter, Shondra is an alumnus of the Juilliard School of Drama with extensive experience in the entertainment business. Along with leads in comedic, dramatic, and musical theatre as well as voiceover work for radio and television, she has performed her own concerts in showrooms in Reno, Las Vegas, and throughout California. She has performed her shows at Sea World in San Diego and on popular cruise ships. She continues to perform in concert as a single artist and in the entertainment groups, Tom & Shondra, The Two Lucys, and The Dynamite Divas.
For her full bio please visit 
With 26 years as a master coach, Shondra continues her private coaching for professional and amateur singers, actors, performers, and voice-over artists. 
"One of my most fulfilling passions is coaching professionals and non-professionals of all ages to expand their talents to achieve their dreams. 
Throughout the years people have shared stories with me on how they've regretted giving up their dream to sing or were afraid to sing and perform even though they knew they had a voice. So I decided to develop an online coaching program called, Unlock the Singing Superstar In You, giving them all my own personal tips and tools I've used successfully these past 45 years. I have recently separated four of the five modules in my full program making them available for those who are only looking for a specific topic of lessons."

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